Monday, March 25, 2013

Permanently Treat Your Severe Acne

If you have severe or persistent acne, that probably means you've tried practically every acne treatment on the market. From diet to detoxication to acne creams to benzoyl peroxide, all these common treatments for mild acne are useless for severe acne suffers. This is no surprise - severe acne are tough; the p.-acne (bacteria) won't just die so easily from these simple remedies commonly used for mild acne.

There are several ways to treat severe acne - I will cover most of them, and I'll tell you what has worked for me, and why. I was a 7 year severe acne sufferer, and I've tried practically every acne cream on the market, and every doctor prescription out there. From Accutane (Isotretinoin), antibiotics, and retinoids, all these are great for treating severe acne. The lucky ones are fortunate to have their severe acne cured by these prescription drugs. The unfortunate, including me, are left to continue suffering from severe acne.

Accutane is one of the most effective treatments for severe acne currently on the market. Accutane is a very dangerous treatment with many side effects, so blood samples must be taken each month for analysis. The treatment lasts from 15 to 20 weeks, cutting down oil production and preventing the spread of bacteria. The skin gets very dry under this treatment, especially the lips, so moisturizer is necessary at all times. With roughly a fifty percent success rate, Accutane is still one of the leading treatments for acne. Those who are unsuccessful often take this treatment multiple times.

Antibiotics are used to slow the growth of bacteria and to reduce inflammation. I was given antibiotics when acne started spreading aggressively all over my face. Every spot I accidentally touched on my face resulted in acne. This was a serious case, so I was prescribed antibiotics to calm down this infection. Antibiotics don't necessarily make your acne situation any better - they just stop the bacteria madness and return your skin back to the way it was.

Retinoids are also used to treat acne. Topical retinoids are derivatives of Vitamin, and they work by unclogging pores, and they allow antibiotics to go through the hair shaft and kill off the inflammation, which is caused by bacteria. These treatments come as a cream and is applied to the face once a day. They help to reduce acne breakouts.

So, if these acne remedies haven't worked for you, you may wish to consider using the treatment I used to cure my severe acne: blue light therapy. Blue light therapy setups can now be purchased at home and used whenever you want. It is FDA approved, and research shows it is safe to use.

How could light treat severe acne if nothing else did? Blue light at a specific wavelength attacks bacteria directly by providing an uninhabitable environment for the p.-acne. From personal experience, this is a much more effective procedure than any of the doctor prescriptions I've tried.

Within one week, the acne-causing bacteria will be 99.9% gone. Inflammation from your acne will dramatically shrink, and with consistent use, your acne will slowly disappear after a period of roughly three months. Blue light therapy has seen success in many acne sufferers, and has demonstrated most success in those who have tried everything but failed to see improvement in acne.

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