Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Leaving a Private School? Consider Distance Learning

Schools can fail students just as much as a student can fail in school. Sometimes, for reasons ranging from teacher-student conflict, to issues with safety, a child simply does not "fit in" and succeed at a particular school. Most of the time, the solution often involves enrollment in a different school. What if the problem though is not the school, but the system and the approach in general? Parents often wrongly assume that paying for an education automatically translates to academic success.

What happens when the decision to attend private school backfires and a student does not succeed? Besides losing out on a significant amount of money, parents whose children have to transfer out of private school have to make a decision as to whether or not their child will now move on to public school, or find another alternative.

For most parents, the reason why they enrolled their child in a private school in the first place was because of the many benefits it offers, both in terms of a general education, as well as for the preparation it gives students who are looking to pursue their education beyond high school. So what is a parent to do? If private school is just not working out, do they have an equivalent option?

The answer to this question is a resounding "yes". There are in fact many advantages to attending a distance learning private school that make the change from a traditional private school not seem like such a huge transition. Regardless of the reasons for why a student has to transfer from a traditional private school, distance learning private schools can offer a student many benefits. To start, distance learning private schools have a curriculum that is aligned to state standards, meaning that the classes that a student will take while enrolled will be worth the same in the eyes of a college or university when compared to the classes at a traditional private school.

Distance learning private schools also offer their students something that a traditional private school would never offer - the opportunity to go to class when time allows them to. Scheduling is just one reason why transitioning to a distance learning private school from a traditional one. Additional benefits include no longer having to deal with many of the environmental conditions that plague traditional schools, public or private, such as safety and overcrowding.

Distance learning private schools also offer students the opportunity to receive one-on-one attention, a perk that might not be available at a traditional private school. Other benefits that can make transferring from a traditional private to a distance learning private school worthwhile include freedom from having to drive to and from school, self-paced studying and learning, a schedule that is very flexible, as well as the ability to attend classes regardless of the student's geographic location at the time.

Whether the reasons are economic or academic, having to leave a private school is often a difficult decision to make. However, with the option of attending distance learning private schools now being more viable than ever, students and parents who have to experience this transition now have an option that will not force them to compromise their education.

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