Wednesday, May 29, 2013

YouTubing for Artists, Writers, Musicians, and Other Enterprising Individuals

I thought over thirteen hundred was a lot of views. My wife's cousin was over the other day. This thirty-something woman is very into hanging out with her buds and doing some Youtubing. She showed me an artist she likes on YouTube. He does videos of his act of painting. This guy is no slacker. The first YouTube of his she showed me had over a million hits! I checked out his site. He sells giclees, that is, fancy prints, and also posters and cheaper prints of his images.

As soon as I can, I will be videoing myself making some paintings. can't just do anything. You have to have a plan, obviously. You must entertain. Can you produce entertainment in your video of you at work on your art?

This guy - philinthehole is the name he goes by - has a shtick: He creates art that won't last. Kind of the opposite of what I do, as far as my sculpture goes. I produce metal sculpture made out of copper and brass and stainless steel. The sculpture is designed to stick around. But this guy... Jimmy Hendricks out of matchsticks, which he lights after he creates the image. Probably took him many, many hours - to create it. It took seconds to light the thing and have it burn, obviously.

He got a million hits! Actually I don't remember if he got a million hits off the Jimmy Hendricks one. Maybe only three hundred thousand. Only...

A YouTube that receives that much attention should make money. The guy's gotten on the news. My wife's cousin told me he got on the news for his portrait of Bush; he created the portrait using images of dead soldiers in Iraq. Now, regardless of your views, politically, you have to admit, this fellow is clever.

He uses rock music created by fairly unknowns. (Not the name of a band, although that would be a good name for a band.) This is progressive, smart, and energetic marketing. If you are an artist, you should be doing video and uploading it. But don't just do anything. Of course, give some thought to what you do.

Now, the process itself can be powerful, the process of how you make your art. That in itself is interesting. As I say, without any marketing of my video, I've had over thirteen hundred hits on a video just of me working on my sculpture. Most of the time I'm holding a welding torch. I'm not saying anything. There's no music in the background. Admittedly, I do have the video on my site. So I guess I am doing a bit of marketing the video around. Still... thirteen hundred hits and the video is not really that entertaining. Just imagine what you could achieve if you created something fun to watch, or if I did.

If you did that once, that would be wonderful. But if you do it once, you can probably replicate what you did with new ideas for videos.

I would advise against making the video too long. Someone sitting at the computer has 3, 4, 5 minutes for amusement. Remember, the net is a lot about speed and the sound bite. Commercials have had to come around to becoming more sound bite forms of entertainment. You're not going to watch, otherwise. So what you do has got to be entertaining as well as a commercial for you and your work. This can be done. Start with the activity of making your art and go from there.

I have a deck of creativity cards called "The Whack Pack". It's supposed to "give you a whack on the side of your head" metaphorically. Roger von Oech wrote this. I'll give him a plug and get no affiliate dollars for it, so you know for sure it's good stuff. There's a card that says "Do something to it" and explains that the artist Jasper Johns would say that's how he makes his art. He starts with something and does something to it. So start with your process of making art and do something to it.

That it that you do doesn't have to be much. Maybe background music and a good, bright enough, clear, in focus image would be enough. Or maybe you need a gimmick. Be playful. Try stuff. This is YouTube, remember? Not surgery and not a gravestone, or anything else written in stone. You could always delete the video. You have that capability. But why would you if it starts getting hits? And it will. Believe me, if it is any good, it will.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hosting Your Entertainment Website

People go online to get advice nowadays; it is simple and fast. No amount if it is something to with sports, arts, news, biking or annihilation else, humans just charge to key in the words in the seek engine and wait. It is the aforementioned with entertainment. There is an access of commercial with ball websites on the internet today. However, authoritative a website accompanying to this industry is not simple as you will charge to accouterment a lot of problems. The acceptable affair is that abounding others accept fabricated the aforementioned mistakes before. So by searching at what they did wrong, you can abstain repeating it. This commodity will acknowledge a few tips to advice you out.

The a lot of important allotment of an ball website is the web design. Designing a website is not simple and if you do not accept the talent, don't force it. It is the a lot of important affair to accept a acknowledged website for this purpose. Having a so-so website is not traveling to accomplish the cut because you will alone be able to allure amateurs to your website. You will not be able to allure an amaranthine beck of visitors if your website is not agitative and attracting. So, do use the accoutrement that your hosting aggregation accommodate to you. You can use able blogging software or a website architect apparatus to actualize your site. These accoutrement generally appear chargeless with your hosting package.

However, one affair that you accept to accomplish abiding is that you website stays fast even admitting it is abounding with a lot of graphics. Surfing acceleration is actual important to actuate how able-bodied your website performs adjoin your competitors. Do not use cartoon from added sources, accumulate it aboriginal to appearance that you are 18-carat and unique. On the added hand, you accept to accumulate a antithesis with your cartoon because not every company that goes to your website is application a top acceleration internet broadband. Some ability still be application a punch up band service.

In adjustment to be calmly begin by internet users, you accept to body your website to be SEO friendly. Use accepted keywords and phrases. Do a analysis on the statistics online and do not set your keywords based on your feel or instinct. Perform business campaigns with pay-per-click advertising. Abounding providers are alms $50-100 acclaim with the bales that they offer. So, accomplish abiding you accomplish acceptable use of it.

Be abiding to accept abundant assets able as you will wish to accept endless visitors advancing to your site. You will not wish to accept your website down due to bereft bandwidth. So, baddest the appropriate hosting account to anticipate annihilation to go wrong.

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Art Of Public Speaking

As accurately said, "Half the apple is composed of humans who accept something to say and can't; the added bisected accept annihilation to say and accumulate adage it". Accessible Speaking is explained as the action of speaking to a accumulation of humans in a structured, advised address advised to inform, influence, or absorb the listener. It is a able apparatus acclimated for assorted purposes such as motivation, influencing, persuasion, information, translation, ball etc.

A analysis appear that 75% of the humans ache from "glossophopia" or "stage freight" which agency abhorrence of accessible speaking. Even the world's best speakers faced agitation and date freight. "There are two types of speakers: those that are afraid and those that are liars"- Mark Twain. However, the acceptable account is that you can affected the abhorrence through aboveboard efforts and adherence by adopting few techniques which are declared below:-

1. Understand the occasion, area and the bulletin to be conveyed afore the speech.

2. Analyze Who are the Listeners? What you wish to communicate? If you wish to back the message? Where is the venue? Why should the admirers accept to you? and How will you back the message?

3. Adapt yourself afore the speech; as said by anyone that those who fails to adapt is advancing for failure.

4. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Emphasize on your strengths to affected the weaknesses.

5. Structure the opening, physique and closing of the accent effectively.

6. Use able physique language, gestures, tones, facial expressions and eye acquaintance with the audiences.

7. Speak boring and clearly, i.e. neither too fast nor too slow.

8. Accumulate the sentences abbreviate and simple and don't apprehend word-to-word from your notes/ material.

9. Use adapted abstruse details, graphs, diagrams, pictures, archive and added beheld aids but don't over use it.

10. Support your statements with able examples.

11. Don't get into arguments with the listener, if he/she disagrees with your ideas.

12. Stay Relaxed / Calmed; Be Enthusiastic, Positive and Confident.

13. Know if to stop; accumulate a watch on time.

14. Allow catechism and acknowledgment affair in the end.

15. Always use accent that you are adequate with.

16. Finally, accept in what you are adage to addition your morale.

Wish you all the best for bigger Accessible Speaking!

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Publishing And Digital And Electronic Rights

The following publishing industry article addresses some of the legal issues arising for publishing lawyers, entertainment attorneys, authors, and others as a result of the prevalence of e-mail, the Internet, and so-called "digital" and "electronic publishing". As usual, publishing law generally and the law of the digital right and electronic right specifically, governing these commercial activities, has been slow to catch up to the activity itself. Yet most of the publishing industry "gray areas" can be resolved by imposing old common-sense interpretations upon new publishing lawyer and entertainment lawyer industry constructs, including the digital right and electronic right, and others. And if after reviewing this article you believe you have a non-jargonized handle on the distinction between "digital right" and "electronic right" in the publishing context, then I look forward to hearing from you and reading your article, too.

1. "Electronic Right[s]" And "Digital Right[s]" Are Not Self-Defining.

All publishing lawyers, entertainment attorneys, authors, and others must be very careful about the use of jargon - publishing industry jargon, or otherwise. Electronic and digital publishing is a recent phenomenon. Although as a publishing lawyer and entertainment attorney and unlike some others, I tend to use the phrase "electronic right" or even "digital right" in the singular number, there probably tends to be no single consensus as to what constitutes and collectively comprises the singular "electronic right" or "digital right". There has not been sufficient time for the publishing, media, or entertainment industries to fully crystallize accurate and complete definitions of phrases like "electronic publishing", "web publishing", "electronic right[s]", "e-rights", "digital rights", or "first electronic rights".

These phrases are therefore usually just assumed or, worse yet, just plain fudged. Anyone who suggests that these phrases alone are already self-defining, would be wrong.

Accordingly, anyone, including a publishing lawyer or paralegal representing a book publisher or entertainment lawyer representing a studio or producer, who says that an author should do - or not do - something in the realm of the "electronic right" or "digital right" because it is "industry-standard", should automatically be treated with suspicion and skepticism.

The fact of the matter is, this is a great era for authors as well as author-side publishing lawyers and entertainment attorneys, and they should seize the moment. The fact that "industry-standard" definitions of the electronic right and digital right have yet to fully crystallize, (if indeed they ever do), means that authors and author-side publishing lawyers and entertainment attorneys can take advantage of this moment in history.

Of course, authors can also be taken advantage of, too - particularly those not represented by a publishing lawyer or entertainment attorney. There is a long and unfortunate history of that happening, well prior to the advent of the electronic right and digital right. It has probably happened since the days of the Gutenberg Press.

Every author should be represented by a publishing lawyer, entertainment attorney, or other counsel before signing any publishing or other agreement, provided that their own economic resources will allow it. (But I am admittedly biased in that regard). Part of the publishing lawyer and entertainment attorney's function in representing the author, is to tease apart the different strands that collectively comprise the electronic right or digital right. This must be done with updated reference to current technology. If your advisor on this point is instead a family member with a Smith-Corona cartridge typewriter or a Commodore PET, rather than an entertainment attorney or publishing lawyer, then it may be time to seek a new advisor.

Even authors who cannot afford publishing lawyer or entertainment attorney counsel, however, should avoid agreeing in writing to give broad contractual grants to publishers of "electronic publishing" - or the "electronic right", or "electronic rights" or "digital rights", or the "digital right". Rather, in the words of "Tears For Fears", the author and author counsel had "better break it down again". Before agreeing to grant anyone the author's "digital right: or "electronic right", or any elements thereof, the author and his or her publishing lawyer and entertainment attorney need to make a list of all the possible and manifold electronic ways that the written work could be disseminated, exploited, or digitally or electronically otherwise used. Notice that the author's list will likely vary, month to month, given the fast pace of technological advancements. For example, these kinds of questions can be considered by the author and publishing lawyer and entertainment attorney alike:

Electronic Digital Right Question #1, Asked By The Publishing Lawyer/Entertainment Attorney To The Author: Can the work be published in whole or in part on the Internet? In the context of an "e-zine"? Otherwise? If so, how? For what purpose? Free to the reader? For a charge to the reader?

Electronic Digital Right Question #2, Asked By The Publishing Lawyer/Entertainment Attorney To The Author: Can the work be disseminated through private e-mail lists or "listservs"? Free to the reader? For a charge to the reader?

Electronic Digital Right Question #3, Asked By The Publishing Lawyer/Entertainment Attorney To The Author: Can the work be distributed on CD-Rom? By whom? In what manner and context?

Electronic Digital Right Question #4, Asked By The Publishing Lawyer/Entertainment Attorney To The Author: To what extent does the author, himself or herself, wish to self-publish this work, either before or after granting any electronic right or any individual "electronic publishing" rights therein to someone else? Will such self-publication occur on or through the author's website? Otherwise?

Electronic Digital Right Question #5, Asked By The Publishing Lawyer/Entertainment Attorney To The Author: Even if the author does not self-publish, to what extent does the author wish to be able to use and disseminate this writing for his or her own portfolio, publicity, or self-marketing purposes, and perhaps disseminate that same writing (or excerpts thereof) electronically? Should that be deemed invasive of, or competitive with, the electronic right as otherwise contractually and collectively constituted?

The above list is illustrative but not exhaustive. Any author and any publishing lawyer and entertainment attorney will likely think of other elements of the electronic and digital right and other uses as well. The number of possible uses and complexities of the electronic right[s] and digital right[s] definitions will increase as technology advances. In addition, different authors will have different responses to the publishing lawyer and entertainment attorney, to each of the carefully-itemized questions. Moreover, the same author may be concerned with the electronic right in the context of one of his/her works, but may not care so much in the context of a second and different work not as susceptible to digital right exploitation. Therefore, the author must self-examine on these types of electronic and digital right questions before responding to the author's publishing lawyer or entertainment attorney and then entering into each individual deal. Only by doing so can the author avoid the pitfalls and perils of relying upon lingo, and relying upon someone else to dictate to them what is the electronic right or digital right "industry standard". As the publishing lawyer and entertainment attorney should opine, "There is no such thing as 'industry standard' in the context of a bilaterally-negotiated contract. The only standard that you the author should be worried about is the motivational 'standard' known as: 'if you don't ask, you don't get'".

Finally, the author should be aware that while the electronic right, digital right, and components thereof can be expressly granted, they can also be expressly reserved to the author, by a mere stroke of the pen or keystroke made by the publishing lawyer or entertainment attorney. For example, if an author wants to expressly reserve the "portfolio uses" mentioned in Electronic Digital Right Question #5 above, then the author should ask his or her publishing lawyer or entertainment attorney to clearly recite this reservation of the author portfolio electronic/digital right in the contract, and leave nothing to chance. In addition, if the author has some negotiating leverage, the author, through the publishing lawyer or entertainment attorney, may be able to negotiate the "safety net" of a "savings clause" which provides words to the effect that: "all rights not expressly granted to publisher, be it an electronic right or digital right or otherwise, are specifically reserved to author for his/her sole use and benefit". That way, the "default provision" of the contract may automatically capture un-granted rights including any electronic or digital right for the author's later use. This publishing lawyer and entertainment attorney drafting technique has likely saved empires in the past.

2. Publishers and Entertainment Companies Are Revising Their Boilerplate Agreements, As We Speak, In An Effort To Secure The Electronic Right[s].

It is well-known and should come as no surprise that right now, as we speak, publishers and their in-house and outside counsel publishing lawyers and entertainment attorneys are furiously re-drafting their boilerplate contracts to more thoroughly capture the digital and electronic right - that is, all of an author's digital and electronic rights. The typical publishing agreement drafted by a company-side publishing lawyer or entertainment attorney will recite a broad grant of rights, then followed by a whole laundry-list of "including but not limited to" examples. If the author receives such an onerous-looking rights passage from a publisher or the publisher's publishing lawyer or entertainment attorney, the author should not be intimidated. Rather, the author should look at it as an opportunity to make some money and have some fun. The author can first compare the list suggested in Electronic Digital Right Questions #1 through #5 above, to the publisher's own laundry-list and the author's own imagination. Then, the author can decide which if any of the separate digital or electronic rights the author wants to fight to keep for himself or herself.

If the publisher tells the author to blindly subscribe to their entire digital or electronic right[s] clause (or clauses), then the author still has the ultimate leverage, which is to walk away from the proposed deal prior to signature. Of course, this strategic approach wouldn't be advisable in most cases - unless perhaps if the author has other written offers from other publishers already on the table. However, an author shouldn't be forced by any publisher or any company-side publishing lawyer or entertainment attorney to sign away the electronic right, digital right, or any other rights that the author would rather keep - particularly rights which the author never specifically intended to shop to the publisher in the first instance.

The author should keep in mind the psychology and motivations of the publishers and their publishing lawyer and entertainment attorney counsel when doing all of this. A Vice-President (or above) at the publishing company probably woke up one recent morning, and realized that his/her company lost a great deal of money on a particular project by not taking a prospective license or assignment of an electronic right or digital right from another author. The VP probably then blamed the company's in-house legal department publishing lawyers or entertainment attorneys, who in turn started frantically re-drafting the company boilerplate to assuage the angry publishing executive and thereby keep their jobs. When in-house publishing lawyers, entertainment attorneys, or others engage in this type of practice (some may call it "drafting from fear"), they tend to go overboard.

Accordingly, what you will probably see is a proverbial "kitchen sink" electronic right clause which has been newly-drafted and perhaps even insufficiently reviewed by the company-side publishing lawyers and entertainment attorneys, internally and themselves - wherein the publisher will ask the author for every possible electronic and digital right and every other thing, including (without limitation) the kitchen sink. The only response to such a broad-band electronic right or digital right clause is a careful, deliberate, and methodical reply.

Using the approach outlined in Section #1 above, the author and the author's publishing lawyer or entertainment attorney counsel must separately tease apart each use and component of the electronic right and digital right that the publisher's broad-band clause might otherwise capture, and then opine to the publisher a "yes" or a "no" on each line-item. In other words, the author, through his or her publishing lawyer or entertainment attorney, should exercise his or her line-item veto. It's the author's writing that we are talking about, after all. The author should be the one to convert the singular "electronic right" or "digital right" into the laundry-list of electronic rights. That's why I use the singular number when referring to "electronic right" or "digital right" - I like to let the technologically-advanced author have all the fun making the list. That way, too, the author can tell me what he or she thinks the phrases actually mean, and what the difference between the two meanings really is, if anything.

Next, a few words in defense of the publishers and the publishing lawyers that work for them!

Up to now, this article discussed how phrases like the "digital right" or "electronic right" should not be assumed to be self-defining, even by and between publishing lawyers and entertainment attorneys, and how it is incumbent upon authors to reserve needed rights like the digital right or the electronic right to themselves in the context of a publishing deal. Next up, let's examine concepts such as the digital right or electronic right from the perspective of the publishing lawyer and entertainment attorney, and the standpoint of fairness - who between author and publisher should in fact hold on to the digital right and electronic right, once and assuming that they are first properly defined?

3. Yes, Digital Right And Electronic Right Uses Do Compete With Traditional Book Publishing Uses.

A publishing lawyer or entertainment attorney may be called upon to handle an author-side deal. A publishing lawyer or entertainment attorney may also be called upon to handle, under different factual circumstances, a publisher-side deal. So, now, a few words in defense of publishers, I suppose.

There is a perception in the author and Internet communities that publishers should not be taking broad grants of the digital right or electronic right from authors, since "digital rights and electronic rights do not compete or interfere with traditional book publishing and other media rights".

Not true. Not anymore. For proof of that fact, ask a few veteran news desk editors whether or not they followed, or were otherwise concerned about, what appeared on the Drudge Report during the Clinton administration. Ask the CFO's or in-house publishing lawyers of a few traditional encyclopedia companies how they feel about Wikipedia.

Incidentally, although as a publishing lawyer and entertainment attorney and unlike some others, I tend to use the phrase "electronic right" or even "digital right" in the singular number, there probably tends to be no single consensus as to what constitutes and collectively comprises the singular "electronic right" or "digital right". There has not been sufficient time for the publishing, media, or entertainment industries to fully crystallize accurate and complete definitions of phrases like "electronic publishing", "web publishing", "electronic right[s]", "e-rights", "digital right[s]", or "first electronic rights".

Nevertheless, electronic media and specifically the digital right and electronic right, have already changed our history. You can be sure that they will have some effect, at a minimum, on most author's individual publishing deals henceforth, and will be the fodder of publishing lawyer and entertainment attorney discussion for years to come. The fact is, electronic uses inherent in the digital right and the electronic right already do compete with older, more traditional uses - particularly because digital and electronic uses are cheaper and faster to deploy, and can potentially reach millions of users in less than, as Jackson Browne might say, the blink of an eye.

Commerce is increasingly relying upon the Internet and other electronic phenomena, and the linchpin of this reliance is the digital right and electronic right. After all, you are reading this article, and ostensibly gleaning some information or material from it. The Web, for example, has already put a sizable dent in dictionary and encyclopedia sales, and anyone who tells you otherwise is probably an employee in a dictionary or encyclopedia publishing company or publishing lawyer in-houser in denial of the digital and electronic right, trying to protect his/her stock options. As the recent and well-known Stephen King pilot program will attest, fiction is the next subject matter area to be affected. Many of us book lovers including publishing lawyers and entertainment attorneys don't like to think about it, but bound hard-copy books may soon become the sole province of book collectors and publishing lawyer vanity bookcases alone. The vast majority of book readers, however, may so wholly embrace the digital right and electronic right that they soon even lose the patience to wait for their "" mailed shipment.

Very few people who work in the publishing, media, and entertainment industries, including as amongst fair-minded publishing lawyers and entertainment attorneys, should dispute that electronic uses inherent in the digital right and electronic right can easily cannibalize the older and more traditional forms and formats. This cannibalization will only increase, not decrease, as time goes on. Again, the author should put himself/herself in the mind-set of the publisher or its in-house publishing lawyer, when having this digital right/electronic right argument with the publisher or publishing lawyer. The publisher otherwise may want to invest marketing and personnel support in the author's work, and perhaps even pay the author an advance for the writing. In their view, though, the publisher's publishing lawyer or entertainment attorney argues, why should they do so, and not also capture the author's digital right or electronic right?

The last thing that the publisher or its publishing lawyer or entertainment attorney wants to do is to pay the author - and then discover that the author has "scooped" the publication with the author-reserved digital right or electronic right, stolen the publisher's proverbial fire, and undermined the publisher's investment in the author and the writing. The concern of the publisher and the book company's in-house publishing lawyer or outside entertainment attorney is rational and valid. If the publisher allows the author to potentially undercut the book by exploiting author's reserved digital right or electronic right, then the publisher is threatening the publisher's own investment in the author and in the written work. (And on some subliminal level at least, the company's in-house publishing lawyer also knows that this could come out of his or her future comp).

Compromises are available. One traditional compromise effected between publishing lawyers or entertainment attorneys is a so-called "hold-back" on the digital right or electronic right, whereby the author promises not to use or license-out any author-reserved digital right or electronic right for a certain period of time following publication. The author will need some leverage to get a publisher to agree to such a compromise, though. And a publishing lawyer or entertainment attorney should draft the clause - the author's publishing lawyer or entertainment attorney, not the publisher's counsel!

An author may think that small "portfolio" uses (e.g., tucked inside greeting cards, on an author's personal web site, etc.) are so minor, that they will never compete with publishing rights granted for the same work, and may tell the publisher or the company's publishing lawyer or entertainment attorney as much. The greeting card example does seem innocuous enough, but the publisher and its entertainment or publishing lawyer will likely not agree with the author regarding the author's personal web site. It is the electronic right or the digital right that really scares publishers and their publishing lawyers and entertainment attorneys, and is perceived as threatening to their long-term investment in the author and his or her work.

The distinction to be made here is between hard-copy portfolio uses, and digital right or electronic right "portfolio uses". The fact is that computer-uploaded text is so easy and quick to transmit, receive, and read. The posted content's popularity could also spread like digital wildfire, so quickly - for example, if a company hyper-links to the author's site, or if "Yahoo" bumps the author's site up in their search-engine pecking-order. Many successes have already been made by virtue of digital right and electronic right self-publishing, and more will follow. Traditional (book) publishers and their publishing lawyers and entertainment attorneys already realize this fact. Accordingly, traditional book publishers and their counsel also realize that once they acknowledge an author's reservation of a "self-promotion" digital right or electronic right, they risk losing control of a potential wildfire dissemination method. Again, this would put the publisher's investment at risk - but smart business people and companies and the publishing lawyers and entertainment attorneys that represent them, don't put their own investments at risk.

4. The Party To The Contract That Has The Better And More Immediate Means and Resources To Exploit The Electronic Rights, Should Be The One Who Takes The Electronic Rights.

Here is the final point. If a contracting party has no means and resources to exploit a digital right or electronic right or a given bundle of them, then that same party has no business taking (or reserving to themselves) those same digital or electronic rights by contract or even negotiating such a position by and between publishing lawyers or entertainment attorneys. To analogize, if I am a screenwriter who options or sells my script to the Acme Production Company, LLC, through an entertainment lawyer, how should I react if Acme asks me to specifically and contractually grant them "theme park rights" in my literary property in the negotiation between the entertainment attorneys? (Don't laugh - this practice is now very prevalent in film and entertainment deals).

Well, if Acme doesn't have its own theme park, I (or my entertainment attorney) now have a powerful argument for reserving the theme park rights to myself instead. "Hey, Acme", I (or my entertainment attorney) say, "... how do you have the unmitigated gall to ask me for my theme park rights, when you don't even have the ability to exploit or use them yourself? You don't even have a theme park!" I (or my entertainment attorney) then make it clear to Acme that I don't intend to be giving them any trophies that they can put on a shelf to collect proverbial dust.

The same argument can work in the publishing context, particularly as argued between publishing lawyers and entertainment attorneys, regarding the digital right or the electronic right. The author can proverbially cross-examine the publisher (or try to cross-examine the company's publishing lawyer or entertainment attorney) as to what successful past uses they have made of other author's digital rights or electronic rights across multiple books. The company President may fudge the answer, but the publishing lawyer or entertainment attorney representing the publisher must answer truthfully. (One good reason to negotiate through counsel).

If the true answer to the question is "none", then the author can use the "trophy" argument stated above. If the true answer is, alternatively, "some", then the author has a negotiating opportunity to compel the publisher and its publishing lawyer and entertainment attorney to contractually commit to digitally and electronically publish the author's work, too. The author can argue: "I won't grant you the digital right or electronic right unless you, publisher, contractually commit in advance as to how specifically you will exploit them, and how much money you will spend in their development and marketing". The author or the author's publishing lawyer or entertainment attorney can then carve those electronic right and digital right commitments right directly into the contract, if the author has the leverage to do so. Again, one should not try this at home - but instead use a publishing lawyer or entertainment attorney.

Needless to say, once the author makes the publisher commit, presumably through publishing lawyer or entertainment attorney counsel, to a development budget or other marketing or "release" commitment for the digital right or the electronic right, then both the author and the publisher might thereby also have some basis for numerical valuation of the rights themselves. And, it is an entirely reasonable argument for an author or author's publishing lawyer or entertainment attorney to say to a publisher that: "I will license/sell you the following listed digital right[s] or electronic right[s] if you pay me the following additional amounts for them:_____________________. And in the blank space, the rights can be listed like menu options as they have been broken out in Item #1 above, each to which separate dollar values - that is, price-tags - are now assigned.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bullying - Observation of the Predator and Prey Mindsets

I was afresh accomplishing some analysis apropos bent mindset if I stumbled beyond an commodity in Psychology Today on bullies. I accept apparent several account belief over the accomplished few years about accouchement getting addled so abundant in academy that they chose to yield their own lives to end the misery. This is awfully heartbreaking. I acquired some acumen not alone into the mindset accumulation of annoyer and victim, but interestingly enough, how this behavior gets able over the years and shapes the individuals as adults. After some affectionate of intervention, bullies abide to annoyer into adulthood, and are added acceptable to appoint in antisocial, i.e. bent behavior. Equally so, victims tend to get victimized over and over again. This activating of predator and casualty is created adequately aboriginal on, and after something to alter their paths, it is a ball that is perpetuated throughout life.

How and if absolutely does it begin? Accept it or not, assailment begins at as aboriginal as age 2. Think preschool! The child-parent accord at this breakable age is the a lot of important relationship, and the commodity argues that bullies are made. A ancestor may be ambidextrous with a decidedly difficult adolescent who acts out and is frequently disobedient. If the ancestor engages in what is alleged non-contingent parenting, the developed yells at the adolescent with threats of corruption and alone follows through at the point at which his or her abhorrence has accomplished a analytical point. Then the ancestor coerces the adolescent into acquiescence with force. Unfortunately, if this behavior becomes a pattern, the use of abortive and/or alternate corruption ultimately rewards the child's defiance. If the ancestor engages in harsher punishments over time, the adolescent tends to become added and added aggressive. This is a abhorrent cycle, indeed, and one that can accept actual bad after-effects for many. Added factors play into the accumulation of bullies, also: not ecology adolescence behavior (especially appear added children); accouchement clay adults' abrogating behavior appear others (bullies afford added bullies), accouchement application assailment to authenticate adeptness or ascendancy the environment, and abridgement of exact fluency. The endure one is absolutely interesting; the bigger the exact skills, the bigger accouchement action in the amusing ambiance of their peers.

What does blowing entail? It can cover concrete or brainy abuse. Advancing youths may activate to ascendancy specific aeon with concrete punishment, but acquiescence may eventually alone crave a aggressive word, facial announcement or gesture. Bullies tend to be physically stronger and in turn, baddest targets who are weaker and smaller, added acute and quiet, and who affectation a abhorrence of confrontation. In added words, bullies aces on added abject children. In a ample allotment of cases, bullies are themselves the victims of bullying, and baste out due to their own hypersensitivity to action or provocation. If they are emotionally sensitive, they may consistently be searching for a battle. Some blowing types accept a actual top beginning for dispatch and are motivated by the accolade of arousal; these are usually sociopathic in nature. A sociopath is perpetually bored, has no empathy, and cannot abet because he or she cannot chronicle to others. I am currently account an absorbing book advantaged the sociopath next door, by Martha Stout, Ph.D., that will hopefully accord me added acumen into the cerebral abnormality of sociopaths, as well. Bullies may use ridicule, and if the annoyer is a babe (yes, they can be girls), she will use amusing relationships as a weapon adjoin a ambition and appoint in behavior that isolates the victim from the backpack such as amusing exclusion, overextension awful rumors, etc. All of this stuff, of course, occurs mostly beneath the developed radar, at a acquisition of aeon (like school). The accord amid predator and casualty causes a bottomward circling for both parties; annoyer behavior is adored and reinforced, and victim behavior causes a adolescent to accept beneath and beneath self-esteem. Kids usually accept their abuse is their own fault, and bullies accept they accept to break every botheration through aggression. The afraid accouchement are generally alone by their aeon because their abject behavior is "unsettling" to added children. The absolute associate accumulation gets bound into abrogating patterns, and after developed intervention, those roles can accumulate both predator and casualty on a actual aphotic path, able-bodied into adulthood.

What can be done to anticipate bullying? Make no mistake--neither the annoyer nor the victim is affianced in character-building exercises. Based on several cerebral studies (in assorted countries), some analytical kids from an aboriginal age all the way into their 30's, the problems associated with blowing do not just plan themselves out as abounding adeptness believe. Adults accept to get involved; this not alone allowances the lives of the children, but the lives of anybody they appear into acquaintance with as they age. Searching at the actual big picture, association at ample allowances from developed intervention. So, what absolutely can adults do? Here is a account of things to try:

* Teaching accouchement abstention of bullies--this is absolutely what we advise adults in self-protection apropos predators on the street.

* Allowance accouchement with their amusing skills--facilitating amusing groups and amusing opportunities. Both bullies and their victims are generally socially isolated.

* Teaching accouchement aplomb and absolute behavior.

* Allowance accouchement advance exact abilities (a "pro-social" skill). Abounding bullies are defective in this area.

* Inquiring how aeon are alleviative children. This may yield some work, back accouchement may not readily accept to accepting problems socially.

* Allowance accouchement become added accomplished in activities that are admired by their peers, including aggressive arts!

* Controlling burning of agitated programming. This is a big issue--Lt. Col. Dave Grossman talks a lot about the problems associated with agitated video amateur and added forms of entertainment.

* Instilling affinity in children.

* Staying complex in children's lives, but after getting so over-protective that it hinders their adeptness to accord with confrontation.

The bent mindset begins to accumulate even beforehand than I thought. The victim mindset does also! All the added acumen we charge to be complex in the lives of adolescent people, giving them able models to appearance them into well-functioning adults that account the rights of others. I aswell see this commodity as a abundant endorsement for the aggressive arts in allowance kids advance confidence, assertiveness, self-respect, and account for others. Those are the qualities we all charge to achieve our goals in life, right? Instill those things in a child, and you accept accustomed them a allowance for a lifetime.


Marano, Hara Estroff. (1995, Sep). Big. Bad. Bully. Psychology Today, 28(5), 50-57, 62-69, 73-79, 82.

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Presenting - Sheila Blinoff and Carole Stimmell From the Beach Metro News - A Centre of Information

One of the central organizations in the Beach is Beach Metro Community News, a non-profit, non-partisan community newspaper founded in 1972 that is distributed throughout major portions of East Toronto. The newspaper is available throughout the entire delivery area at various merchants and public access points, and more than 23,000 families receive the newspaper delivered to their front door for free.

My request for an interview was graciously answered by Sheila Blinoff, the General Manager, and Carole Stimmell, the Editor for the Beach Metro News. We sat down around a big table in their premises near the intersection of Gerrard and Main Streets. Sheila explained that the Beach Metro Community News originally started in 1972 when a group of volunteers got together to fight the Scarborough Expressway that was supposed to cut a swath through all of East Toronto. This issue galvanized the entire neighbourhood, and a group of volunteers started publishing a free newspaper from the offices of the East City YMCA at 907 Kingston Road.

The community had come together to rally against the construction of the Scarborough Expressway, and their collective efforts were successful. The dreaded construction of a major highway that would have destroyed over 750 homes between Coxwell and Victoria Park was averted. Today the Beach Metro Community News is a non-partisan paper that does not feature editorials. A copy of the paper goes to almost every business and residence in an area that extends from Lake Ontario to a few streets north of Danforth Avenue, and from Coxwell Avenue in the west to Midland Avenue in the East.

Of the 30,000 papers delivered, 7000 are delivered to libraries, churches and other public institutions while the rest goes out to private homes. An extensive network of about 400 volunteers looks after free delivery, with each volunteer donating their time and effort. Every second Tuesday just after publication a team of about 30 volunteer captains receives dozens of bundles of newspaper which they then distribute among their individual neighbourhood volunteers who in turn take the paper and deliver it street to street, house to house.

The volunteer stories are amazing. Sheila and Carole recounted so many fascinating tales of individuals who dedicate their spare time towards delivering the community news. The oldest of these volunteers is 96 years old and enjoys the opportunity to interact with neighbours and make a connection. Another delivery volunteer had a baby in the morning, and the same afternoon she delivered the Beach Metro Community News, just as she would any other second Tuesday. Another female delivery volunteer requested to get her papers early on Tuesday since she was going to have a Cesarean delivery the very next day on Wednesday. An elderly man once called in and said he would not be able to deliver the paper this time since his wife had just died, but he promised to be there to deliver the next edition of the Beach Metro Community News.

Sheila added that her co-workers and the volunteer carriers not only help with the production and distribution of the paper, they are also her eyes and ears in the community, resulting in a network of hundreds of volunteer news gatherers. Carole summed it up by saying that "not a leaf falls in the Beach without us knowing about it".

I needed to find out more about these two women who are the driving force behind the Beach Metro Community News and asked them to tell me more about their own personal history and connection to the Beach. Carole admitted that she is a relative newcomer to the Beach as well as to the Beach Metro Community News: she has lived and worked here for "only" eleven years. Originally from Wisconsin, Carole Stimmell moved to Toronto in order to complete a Ph.D. in archeology at the University of Toronto. She and her husband had met at the Washington Post where Carole was completing an internship, and they decided to jointly move to Toronto to complete their postgraduate studies. Carole's husband studied communications with Marshall McLuhan, the famous Canadian educator, philosopher and scholar who coined the expressions "the medium is the message" and the "global village".

Carole's first impressions of Canada were that it is vastly different from the United States: Canadians are more accepting, more reticent to judge as compared to the more dogmatic and aggressive stance of people in the United States. She added that Canada's liberal outlook suits her personally very well, and it would be hard for her to move back to her birth country.

After completing her doctorate Carole worked on archeology projects for 20 years; these assignments took her to Japan, the Arctic and the United States. Her archeology projects in Toronto included digs at Trinity Bellwoods Park, in Leslieville and at the Ashbridges House, the original homestead of the Ashbridges family who had come from Pennsylvania and become the first settlers in Toronto's Beach neighbourhood. For several years Carole was also the editor of the Canadian Journal of Archeology.

Her connection with the Beach Metro Community News came about because she was originally a volunteer carrier for the paper. When the long-term editor of the paper retired, a new editor came in and started taking the paper into a tabloid-like direction with a strong focus on crime and negative news. Carole and many others did not like this new slant and felt that the Beach Metro Community News was about positive news stories and an emphasis on the good things that were going on in the community. This editor did not last long, and Carole threw her hat in the ring for this position. In the process she beat out 50 other candidates and succeeded in getting the job because she understood what the paper was all about.

Today Carole still has an interest in history; she was vice chair of the Toronto Historic Board, and she now sits on the board of the Ontario Archeology Society. She also has an extensive collection of historic post cards of the Beach; these photos are sometimes featured under the heading of "Deja Views" in the Beach Metro Community News, juxtaposing historic streetscapes with a current photo of the same location.

Sheila Blinoff came to Toronto from Great Britain in the 1960s and married into a German-Canadian family. She and her husband moved to Balsam Avenue in 1969, making her a bona fide Beach resident for almost 40 years. In 1971 Sheila had her first child, and when the Beach Metro Community News started in 1972 Sheila connected with the paper since they were in need of a volunteer typist. Sheila offered her services and also started helping with the volunteer delivery of the paper. Several months into her assignment, the paper received three local program grants that enabled them to hire three people for six month. Sheila figured she could do the job and beat out 30 people who had applied.

Around that time Sheila had her second child; the grant meanwhile had run out of money. Sheila continued working on the paper for six months from home without pay. Finally a fundraiser generated $7000 which enabled the paper to pay two staff members - Sheila, and Joan Latimer who was the editor for 22 years. Advertisers came on board, and the Beach Metro Community News finally had a viable economic base. Several more employees were hired over the years.

In the early years the entire production of the paper was a community affair. Several interested neigbours would come together and jointly handle the manual cut and paste layout of the paper. They would also decide which stories should go into the paper, and opinions would often diverge widely. Sheila concedes that trying to reconcile these viewpoints was often tough going.

Several years into the publication the name was changed from the original name "Ward 9 News" to "Beach Metro Community News". The official administrative name of the Beach neighbourhood had changed from Ward 9 to Ward 32, so the original name of the newspaper was no longer applicable. For Sheila and many other "oldtimers", however, this publication will always be the "Ward 9 News".

With years passing by the paper became more professional, and specialized employees were hired to take over advertising sales, accounting, photography, and news and entertainment reporting. Since the 1980s the organization has been doing its own typesetting. Sheila's eyes light up when she says that she has met so many wonderful people through her work with the Beach Metro Community News; she adds that she has truly seen "the good side of human nature".

One of her favourite experiences has been her opportunity to participate in the selection committee of a contest to name five streets in a new housing development that went in on the former Woodbine Race Track premises, just west of Woodbine Avenue and Queen Street. The new street names were to have a local or historical connection with the area. As the secretary of the contest committee, Sheila had the best job of all, inputting all 660 suggestions into the computer and then verifying the accuracy of the historical background of the submitted names. Sheila chose the name "Sarah Ashbridge" in honour of the Quaker widow and United Empire Loyalist from Philadelphia who settled in the Beach in 1793 and obtained a Crown land grant in 1799 for a farm. "Northern Dancer" honoured all the horses that ever raced at the Woodbine Race Track. "Boardwalk Avenue" was chosen for the area's proximity to the famous East Toronto waterfront promenade.

Both Carole and Sheila love their neighbourhood, and they proudly told me that Queen Street East in the Beach was chosen the Best Main Street in Ontario by TV Ontario. One of the judges summarized it like this: "The Beach is an all-round winner. A fantastic inner-city neighbourhood with a great retail market, a great place to visit and a fabulous festival", referring to the Toronto International Beaches Jazz Festival, one of Toronto's largest music and entertainment events.

The importance and influence of the Beach Metro Community News cannot be understated. After all, the individuals running the paper had a major hand in stopping the Scarborough Expressway. Extensive coverage of dredging in Lake Ontario at the foot of Beech Avenue also resulted in an outcry in the community, and the government cancelled the project. Coverage of the Ashbridges Bay Incinerator also mobilized many concerned citizens in the neighbourhood, and their collective action resulted in the closure of the unwanted incineration facility. Stories of important local issues are kept in the public eye, and the community starts rallying around these issues.

What makes this neighbourhood really special are the people and organizations that donate so much of their time to the community. Sheila and Carole recounted a multitude of community initiatives that illustrate that the spirit of charity and neighbourly assistance is strong in the Beach. One example includes a major fire a few years ago at the eastern end of Queen Street where two people died and several others were rendered homeless. Several fundraisers were held for the affected families, and money was raised to help them pay for their first month's rent and furniture in their new apartments.

When the big Indian Ocean Tsunami struck in 2005, Centre 55 immediately set up a fund to collect money for the victims and thousands of dollars were sent to the affected areas. The local Balmy Beach Club raised money for school computer labs when the government cut back its educational budget. Together with strong parent volunteers at each school in the area, initiatives like these make a huge difference in the community.

In the Beach community spirit manifests itself in many different ways. The annual "Carolling in the Park Event'", held at the local Glen Stewart Ravine, attracts more than 2000 people for a holiday sing-along. Flashlights and candles in the ravine create a magical atmosphere and an event that the community loves.

Carole adds that there are so many interesting people in the Beach; a collection of media people, artists, actors, entrepreneurs and other eclectic people provide a lot of fodder for interesting and inspiring stories. Sheila mentions the example of a local man who owns the world's largest typewriter collection. Another young man from the community, a gifted musician, had attended the Julliard Music School in New York City and recently debuted in a big concert at Carnegie Hall. The Beach Guild of Fine Arts is a large group of artists who hold shows twice a year. Musicians, actors, painters and artists of all kinds are well represented throughout the Beach community and provide many story opportunities throughout the year.

The philosophy of the Beach Metro Community News is to provide news of interest to local residents and businesses. All revenue comes from advertising, which is kept affordable so that local merchants and tradespeople remain able to advertise their products and services. Sheila and Carole are selective as to which advertisements they accept, and sometimes advertisers have to wait to get into the paper.

One of the key community initiatives of the Beach Metro Community News is the "Citizen of the Year" award which is a joint initiative with Community Centre 55 and the Beaches Lions Club to honour volunteers who have made a significant difference in the community over a number of years. The Citizen of the Year is honoured with a plaque on the Beach Walk of Fame in the Community Garden in Woodbine Park. They also get a special space in the Beaches Lions' Easter Parade. People such as Gene Domagala, Glenn Cochrane, Arie Nerman and Marie Perrotta have all been honoured with this exclusive distinction.

But not only does the Beach Metro Community News bestow awards upon others; its contribution to the community has also been noticed and gotten recognition. In 2002 Sheila and Carole were themselves honoured with the Queen's Jubilee Medal as part of Queen Elizabeth's 50 year anniversary as the Queen. At this occasion every Canadian riding awarded medals to its top volunteers and community builders, and Sheila and Carole were honoured together with other prominent Beachers.

As a non-profit organization, the Beach Metro Community News donates some of its excess revenues right back into the community. In 2006 the organization donated more than $14,000 to a wide range of organizations, including the Arthritis Society, the Beaches Easter Parade, the Churches by the Bluffs Food Bank, the Share-A-Christmas Program run by Community Centre 55, the Glen Rhodes Food Bank, Malvern High School Scholarships, the Pegasus Community Project, Senior Link, the Toronto East General Hospital Foundation, the Woodgreen Red Door Shelter for Women and many more.

The Beach Metro Community News not only covers the local news, it also makes news: as a volunteer organization that acts as the virtual glue of the community, as a champion of important neighbourhood causes, as an organization who identifies and honours volunteers who make the community work, and as a significant donor that contributes much-needed funding to important neighbourhood organizations.

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DirecTV HDTV - What is It and Where Can You Get the Best Deals?

HDTV is the fastest-growing articulation of the agenda TV market. Here's an overview of HDTV, additional area you can get the best accord on DIRECTV HDTV service.

What is HDTV?

HDTV (high analogue TV) is a advertisement architecture that produces a sharper, clearer account than the analog (over-the-air) TV broadcasts, or even approved agenda TV (DTV) broadcasts. An HD angel is so bright is about seems real. Add to that the Dolby Agenda complete that accompanies the picture, and you get a three-dimensional examination acquaintance that makes you feel like your allotment of the scene.

In adjustment to appearance HDTV you accept to accept an HD television, and you accept to accept admission to a TV base or a agenda TV provider like DIRECTV that broadcasts top analogue signals.

What channels can I get on DIRECTV?

DIRECTV currently has abutting to 100 HD TV channels with a array of programming. In a lot of areas of the country you can get the above arrangement channels - ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox - in top definition.

If you're into movies you'll be admiring to apperceive that all the above cine channels - HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and Starz - are advertisement in HD. You can aswell get your account in HD with channels like CNBC and CNN.

If you can't delay for you admired cine to appear on agenda TV, you can adjustment a cine application DIRECTV's pay-per-view affection and watch it that day. No added accepting to get in your car and go to the video abundance to get a movie. Just point and bang your remote, and you can watch a afresh appear cine in HD in the abundance of your home.

Some of the added accepted array channels cover The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, A&E (Arts and Entertainment), National Geographic, TBS, and TNT. There are a amount of sports channels that advertisement football, baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis, soccer, and even cricket.

Family channels cover the Disney channel, Nickelodeon, Animal Planet, and Toon Disney. And there are even appropriate absorption channels like the Food Network, Home and Garden TV, and the Sci Fi channel.

Where can I get the best accord on DIRECTV HDTV?

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The Key (A Fairytale) Goodbye, My Son - Chapter 11 - (Part 4)

Miraculously, I was still animate if I woke up, accepting slept well. I lit my lamp to see what the monster was up to, and could see the barbarian boring beating some tiger bones. It was anxiously watching me out of the bend of its eye, and it was perplexed. Endure night brought up things that were active so abysmal in the creatures accomplished existences that it could not bethink anytime accepting such animosity before, and it was somewhat confused.

The monster's accomplished lives that Ariya appear were absolutely hideous, including the one that beatific it to hell. I knew that if I could just acquaint the adventures to the creature, there ability be a adventitious that it would bethink its bad kamma and boldness to accomplish amends. This bond and anguish would be the alone affair appropriate for the hell getting to escape its alarming fate and activate its adventure back. The adversity would be in somehow acceptable the barbarian that I could, indeed, help. My lamp oil was active low so I abolished the flame. We sat in silence.

After a while I said, "I apperceive why you were befuddled into the hell realm."

"Really?" said the monster, sarcastically.

"Really." I answered, curtly. Do you wish to apprehend about it or not?"

"Not necessarily," it said matter-of-factly, "but if it will accumulate your apperception off getting eaten, go advanced and acquaint me all about it."

"Once, a actual connected time ago," I began, "you were active on a apple of absurd beauty. The humans were affable and kind, with their lives centered on peaceful barter and business amid the assorted countries, one of which was absolute by you. During your rule, foreigners immigrated to your country who were awfully accomplished traders, and because of their proficiency, they prospered added than the accustomed built-in citizens you represented. Alive that they would eventually abrade your political ability with their accretion numbers and influence, you became affronted of them and their accomplishments, and they became a arrow in your side. Any account of their achievements alone affronted you more; so abundant so, that eventually you fabricated a accommodation to argue your supporters that these immigrants were alarming and you began a cause to banishment them.

"The humans believed your actuating arguments as you were actual absorbing and clever. You even accomplished duke motions and accent techniques to become a acute articulation adjoin these innocent immigrants whose aloof sin was to be acknowledged in what they were accomplished at, which was blameless commerce. Your proclamations became more strident, and your abutment added as well, auspicious you to activate adamant acts adjoin these people, traveling as far as sending them far abroad from the capital centers of your country and imprisoning them in compounds. Then, as the bulk army to advance these prisons, you began killing these poor humans until every one of them was abolished . . . with the barring of one adolescent man who was overlooked.

"This adolescent immigrant, whose activity was destroyed and his ancestors murdered by your politics, hid in the countryside, and watched helplessly while his absolute chase was wiped out. If the annihilation was over, he slipped into the city, and while you were dining and adulatory your achievement over these adverse people, he came into the anteroom bearded as a server and active a artful in your heart."

I lit my lamp, risking the baby bulk of oil that remained. Now I could attending anon in the monster's eyes as I continued, "When you died, your kamma consisted of annihilation but angry accomplishments - killing and abhorrence - and you anon were chased by the beings of hell until you assuredly relented and became one of them, and afresh you affable into this cavern for refuge. And actuality you will abide until the affable rains abrasion this abundance of solid granite down to the ground, or until you see a altered way to live."

"Good!" The barbarian laughed. "I knew I was rotten, and I'm animated I dead those brainless people. And I would do it afresh if I could."

The beastly afresh became quiet . . . for a connected time. The access of my close plan from the antecedent night afflicted it deeply, and it started to bethink the appalling things it had done. It was all acutely disquieting, even to a monster.

I was absolutely acceptable a arrow in the beast's side. Things were advancing up in the hell being's apperception and affection which were abeyant for eons in this accursed cave, and the beastly was acceptable more confused. Kamma, however, is a adamant thing, and aback the monster's animality could not be diffused that quickly, it absitively there was no another but to eat me.

The beastly confused beyond the cavern and affective me with its connected claws, but aback I was cutting my abundant coat, the barbarian alone managed to grab a claw-full of fur, and as the covering was ripped off my body, a small, yellowed section of cardboard fluttered to the floor.

I had abandoned all about it until now, and afresh remembered that Sahmad had accustomed it to me abounding years ago on the mountain. The monster glanced at it with a cursory curiosity, and afresh for some aberrant acumen was accountable to aces it up. Astonishingly, he begin that he could apprehend the ambiguous writings on the baptize decrepit document!

It was a letter accounting in the age-old argument from the apple and era of the beast's endure lifetime, and was addressed to the boy who had apprenticed the artful into his heart. It was from the boy's mother, autograph him from a afterlife camp. Every captive was destined to die in a abbreviate aeon of time; the men dead on the day of accession and the adolescent girls afar out and accustomed to the soldiers for a few canicule to do with as they admiring afore they were dead as well.

The old women and accouchement were about kept alive, starving, and active for the soldiers until they were eventually herded into a architecture area they were dead by adulteration gas. The soldiers would not decay gas on just a few people, so sometimes a ages or so would go by afore they had abundant women and accouchement to ample the building.

As the beastly recalled this daydream in ablaze of its contempo acknowledgment to my close work, its censor began to bother it, and there was a audible change in the monster's affection as it began to apprehend a accursed mother's endure letter to her son:

"My angel son,

I achievement this letter finds you safe. We are all well, accession actuality endure month. Your ancestor has a job at the affected befitting the fences repaired and your sisters are allowance in the hospital. There is affluence of acceptable aliment and we accept been put up in nice houses. It is about like home and we are like a big family.

Anyway, we will not be actuality too long, and attending advanced to seeing you anon so we can to acquaint you of our adventures.

I absence you so actual much, and accept to to acquaint you how abundant I accept consistently admired you. You were such a abundance to me anytime aback you were little and you accept brightened my activity so much. It is so harder getting abroad from you at these times as I anguish about you, as I consistently have, but assurance somehow you are safe. I could not buck to apperceive otherwise.

Please yield affliction of yourself and consistently be affectionate to others, for they all ache abundantly in their own ways.

And please, consistently bethink your mother, and how abundant she consistently admired you.

Goodbye my son."

The barbarian glanced against the foreground of the cave. Everything was silent; the alone complete that could be heard was the creature's deep, abiding breathing. With the letter still in its claw, it sat down and stared at the floor, cerebration of this afflicted woman whose bedmate had just been murdered and daughters raped, alive she and her grandchildren were anon to be dead as well.

She had to blow her son one endure time but couldn't accident cogent him of the horrors she had witnessed; the murders of her bedmate and two daughters and all of her people, for abhorrence that her son would acknowledge angrily and do something that would endanger his life.

And although she could not acquaint him the truth, her affection was breaking. She knew her time was short. With cipher to admit in, she accomplished out to the alone affair she had larboard in the world, with a endure letter that would never arrive. And although she courageously approved to accumulate the letter airy and abounding of hope, it boring fell afar if she said had to say her endure good-bye.

The beastly had alone accepted with its 'head' if I aboriginal told it of its antecedent lifetime, but now it had 'seen' something with its heart, aperture up a achievability that the barbarian could avenue this hell branch and escape into the beastly world. The alone affair appropriate would be for the monster to adjudge to do it, for it was alone the creature, itself, that was captivation aback a change of heart.

I sat in blackout cat-and-mouse for the hell getting accomplish its decision. Would it abide down its aisle of assertive destruction, or would it commence on a difficult adventure to assertive freedom?

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

And Sarah Laughed

Have you ever been given an assignment or task that defied normal standards and seemed outrageous or impossible? What was your reaction? Did you laugh? In the biblical account of Abraham and Sarah (Genesis 18), when the angel of the Lord told Sarah that she would conceive a son beyond her childbearing years (she was almost ninety years old)--she laughed! Now, I have heard some folks criticize Sarah for laughing, but in some cases, laughing seem like the appropriate reaction to a situation that seems "hilariously impossible". If you were in Sarah's place, would you have laughed? Here you are, almost ninety years old, your man IS ninety, you haven't engaged in any sexual relationships for many years, and here is a complete stranger standing before you saying that you are going to conceive a child. Your initial reaction would probably be to laugh, also!

I, too, have had my laughable situations. In 2006, I was sitting idly in my bedroom, watching TV. The Lord spoke to me (yes, in an audible voice) and told me to write a play about domestic violence in the church. I laughed and questioned, "Why would I write a play about domestic violence in the church, I have no knowledge of this subject matter nor do I know anyone involved in such a matter?" Not to mention, such a controversial subject matter could get me excommunicated from the church!" He sternly replied, "Write the play and do not procrastinate!" I knew that He was serious, so I wiped that smile right off my face and picked up my pen and paper and commenced to writing.

A week later, while watching the news, a reporter announced "Minister in Tennessee Murdered By His Wife"! Overtures of domestic violence echoed throughout the case. A week after that, I attended a women's meeting entitled "Girl Talk" at my church. During the question and answer session, a woman sent in a question that read, "What if you are being abused by your husband who happens to be a Pastor?" Dead silence engulfed the room-- you could hear a pin drop! No one had an answer and the issue was immediately sidelined and swept under the rug. My laughable situation now became a matter of great importance.

One afternoon, after realizing that God intended for me to take this production to the nations, I went on a quest to find a facility to debut this production. I decided that it would be presented similarly to a dinner theater so I was on my way to look at a local dinner theater facility. Once again, God audibly spoke to me and told me to go to a facility that I have never visited and had no knowledge of-The George Washington Memorial Masonic Temple, located in the center of Alexandria "Old Town" Virginia. Once again, I laughed! Lord, you want me (a Christian minister) to take a subject matter involving church to the Masonic Temple? I always believed that God has a sense of humor but soon found this wasn't the occasion! Once again, He sternly replied "Go!" Reluctantly, I drove to the "Masonic Temple" and went inside.

Once inside, I discovered that this facility housed a beautiful amphitheater. I wanted the play to be performed in an intimate setting that was not too large yet large enough. The amphitheater's capacity seating is 375, which was sufficient enough and intimate indeed. In fact, it was just what I envisioned with its exquisite d├ęcor-it reminded me of the Roman amphitheaters with its beautiful white pillars reaching to the sky.

Then, there was the second requirement - the dinner. I didn't want the typical dinner theater setting where the dinner was served during the performance-this subject matter was too important to combine with the distractions that a dinner would ensue. My vision was to have the dinner first, and then show the performance in a separate area. To my amazement, the Masonic Temple housed two dining rooms and a great assembly hall that were in direct proximity to the theater. Everything I needed to accomplish this task was right in front of me, in one facility. Now, look who's laughing? Not me!

After Sarah laughed, the angel asked Abraham "Is there anything too hard for God? Truly, I can emphatically reply "No!" From the idea's inception to the debut night of this production, God orchestrated every move. He made provisions every step of the way to make this mandate a reality. The auditions drew approximately 70 interested performing artists. The cream of the crop was selected from that group, who I credit for making the production a huge success. The production opened to a sold out audience. In fact, we had to turn people away at the door due to fire safety issues. The staff at the Masonic Temple treated us like "royalty" and bent over backwards to make our production a success. The reception from the audience was overwhelming. They cheer, applauded, cried, sighed - they were awesome! It was a night I will never forget.

I would like to mention that the only financial resource that I had to invest in this production was my tax return for that year. Although I reached out to several churches and organization for investments and sponsorship, only one church and one non-profit organization responded and the funds only covered the microphones for one technical rehearsal; we had a total of seven technical rehearsals. Yes, God is a miracle worker because he certainly came through financially in a big way - He made provisions for advertising, costuming, staging, - EVERYTHING! Not to mention, favor with the RIGHT people.

I must interject that opposition came on every hand to try to deter our God-given mission. Some criticized us for having the production at the Masonic Temple and some refused to attend because of their perceptions of the Masons. Some Pastors disapproved of me exposing such a controversial subject matter. But, I will forever stand on this, when God gives me a mission, I rather please God than man! His approval has a more lasting impact. I truly believe that we left an "anointed" residue in the Masonic Temple that will change the complexity of that facility forever - it will never be the same.

Now, here is the ultimate validation that God had indeed given me the mandate to write this play and why the serious warning not to "procrastinate". A Change Is Gonna Come made its debut on June 9, 2007. On the evening of August 22, 2007, I received a text message from a friend in Atlanta telling me that Prophetess Juanita Bynum (a prominent prophetess known both nationally and internationally) had been domestically assaulted by her husband Bishop Thomas Weeks. I am not mentioning this to exploit or to spread rumors about this unfortunate incident - my sympathy goes out to this couple; however, I mention it to prove that God's Word does not return void and His Mandate indeed has purpose and probable cause. If I had procrastinated and had not accepted the assignment at the appointed time, my testimony on how I received the mandate to write this play audibly, while sitting idly in my room would have been nullified.

Now, God has given me the mandate to further take this production to the nations and we have catapulted to another level - the historic Lincoln Theater scheduled for June 13, 2008. I am moving forward without procrastination - and I am not laughing!

Maybe, you too are facing a laughable situation - ask yourself this question "Is there anything too hard for God? Can God? God Can! The Clark Sisters penned these words in a popular song "If you can believe and receive it, God will perform it today!" I challenge you to step out on faith! Believe God for a miracle.

In conclusion, the angel also reiterated this fact to Abraham - "Sarah shall have a son!" He did not let her reaction or the visible circumstances (Sarah's barren womb, Abraham's dried sperm) change the mandate or the promise. If God has given you a mandate, I encourage you to birth your dream - you are pregnant with promise. Carry your baby full-term! Be confident that He who Promised Is Faithful! And that's no laughing matter.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Small Town Bed And Breakfasts Offer Rest And Relaxation

Sometimes, you just accept to get abroad from it all. The agitated clip of circadian active all too frequently can become cutting - from the pressures of working, to hasty aback and alternating to antic contest and academy concerts, to just addition out what to serve for dinner. Activity in bourgeoisie is added complicated than a lot of humans are accommodating to admit.

So if you're searching for a refuge, a abode to escape from the chaos, area should you go? Abounding couples and families adopt to absorb their vacations at mega resorts in alive day-tripper destinations. The abstraction is to accommodate a assembly of comfortable amenities anticipation to accomplish your vacation simpler and added relaxing. Or do they? Will an glut of options, such as bold rooms, pond pools, allowance service, and spas absolutely abridge activity on vacation?

Or ability they just added serve to agitate an already demanding exodus? Traveling, whether abandoned or with a apron or with children, in and of itself is hectic. Abounding ample auberge resorts action families so abounding assorted activities and distractions that it can alone makes your vacation assume even added fevered, not to acknowledgment time spent block the kids about and ecology them in their following of pleasure.

There is addition affair as able-bodied - the money. Ample bartering resorts can actively abuse your wallet. From the suite, to the meals, to the entertainment, to the activities; by the end of the vacation your bloated debt could calmly heighten the accent you acquainted if you larboard home! Finally, abounding humans artlessly don't affliction for the ambiance of a behemothic resort. It can assume alone an addendum of the maniacal babel you larboard behind. Is this what you bargained for if you planned your vacation?

What's the answer, you ask? Well, added and added humans are allotment to break in Bed and Breakfast inns alms a admirable retreat for vacationers in seek of bounded color. Added generally than not, they are off the baffled aisle and are operated by accommodating owners in a converted, individual ancestors home. A Bed And Breakfast (B&B for short) offers a acceptable acting for the restless, mega resort lifestyle, and can be begin just about anywhere.

What Can I Apprehend From A Bed And Breakfast?

Imagine a comfortable drive through a quaint, quiet little town. You move forth the capital drag, celebratory the baby shops and eateries that band the road. You aberrate up a long, ambagious driveway, casual at stables to your right, and up advanced you see a large, three-story home; the Bed And Breakfast. You esplanade the car and airing in the abode area you anon accept a balmy claimed greeting from the owner. Typically, this is what you can apprehend at a Bed And Breakfast.

What Can I Do?

If you anticipate you'll absence out on a acceptable time the acceptable account is, you never accept to anguish about things to do if you're sojourning at a Bed And Breakfast. You're on a crusade of analysis area you'll flavor the abounding admirable opportunities to beam or participate in baby boondocks ambient and events.

What you've chanced aloft is an break to become steeped in bounded color. Added and added abate communities are seeing earlier residences getting adapted into Bed And Breakfast Inns acceptance guests a liesurly way to crop advantage of bounded festivals, art shows, contest and marathons, auctions, and added adorable baby boondocks events.

You can aswell annex out to acquaintance attractions different to the area; conceivably a baby boondocks Bed And Breakfast amid in the mountains will be able to accommodate you with advice about hiking, fishing or caverns. A Bed And Breakfast abreast the ocean may crop walks and alleviation on an un-crowded beach. The possibilities are amaranthine and far beneath structured than resorts in heavily touristed destinations. Now isn't that a anticipation able-bodied account considering? Anticipate Bed and Breakfast!

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

MMA Wealth - How Anyone Can Cash in on the Mixed Martial Arts Craze

Mixed Martial Arts, hands down is one of the fastest growing sports in history. Thanks to the technology of the internet, satellite TV and the slow demise of boxing, MMA has grown quicker than any sport. This sport has grown from a barbaric back alley style of fighting to a scientific and sharp, disciplined form of sports and entertainment.

Many politicians who tried to get the sport banned twenty years ago attend events in Las Vegas and other major venues. Since the sport has gone global and strengthened the rules, more people continue to flock to MMA events. Many fights are reminiscent of a Hollywood premier, with major celebrities, rock stars and a whose who of the entertainment world

Other than the fact the sport continues to grow despite the economic downturn there's still more good news about this fast growing craze. The sport is still in it's infancy. That's especially good news if you're looking for untapped ground-floor opportunities.

Imagine for a second if you started marketing before the NFL grew in popularity. Or think of the money you'd have now if you started marketing before the NBA blew up. How wealthy do you think you'd be now if you started marketing on the ground floor of Major League baseball or the PGA when they first started out? Are you getting the picture yet? If not take your pulse, because that's where Mixed Marital Arts is today - but even better. But don't take my word for it, do a simple search and you'll see how popular it is and how fast it's growing with no end in sight.

But what's even better news is you don't have to get hit, punched or kicked to make big money from MMA.

In fact, did you know more money is made from this sport in marketing and merchandising than fighting. Yes, almost 10 times as much, according to the MMA Association. Growing legions of rabid fans are devouring everything in sight, from t-shirts, videos, training manuals, e-books even hip hop videos, you name it.

Thanks to Mixed Martial Arts, many fighters have gone from virtual unknowns to household names overnight. Because of popular T.V shows like the Ultimate Fighter television reality series, the sport has taken off even faster. Fighters are no longer seen as barbaric, but as toned and conditioned athletes looking for a way to feed their families by excelling in the sport. The MMA has done an excellent job of reinventing itself and repackaging it's image, a text-book example for any company or industry to make note of.

What started as a passing fad in the minds of passive onlookers, Mixed Martial Arts continues to position itself for the long hall. The sport continues to gain momentum globally and seems have taken on a virus-like life of it's own. Those alert people who take the time to get their marketing foot in the door will have a bright financial future. This sport shines as one of the few recession proof businesses. This means many fortunes wait for discovery - if you get involved with the Mixed Martial Arts craze now. The key is finding your niche market.

RSS News Widget for Android

RSS Account Widget is a RSS Augment Reader for android buzz users to get the latest account and blog topics. As anybody knows, account is all-important in people's circadian life, also, there are a lot of means to accretion news, like, newspaper, TV, computer, etc. While those means mentioned afore are all accept some disadvantages, for example, you cannot accept types of account because account on bi-weekly and TV are all anchored in advance, and it is absurd that you accompany your computer at any time.

Today I wish to altercate a accessible way to apprehend account at all times and places, namely, RSS Feeds, which a lot of frequently broadcast as Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary, is a ancestors of web augment formats acclimated to broadcast frequently adapted works-such as blog entries, account headlines, audio, and video. Rss Account Widget an RSS augment applicant that allows you to appearance you feeds by altered categories, including arts, accepted news, bounded and sport. You are able to adapt or annul them. What's more, it gives you the advantage to add your own categories, such as entertainment, technology account or food, etc. It aswell enables you to actualize a adjustment to an RSS augment on your home screen; as a result, you may apprehend your admired types of account in a quick and simple way.

I achievement you adore RSS Account Widget, admitting it is not a absolute one a part of its class, it is account to accept a try. And I am searching advanced to added appearance can be added to it.

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Learn To Design And Create Your Own 3D Animations Easily - Computer Graphics

The 3D action industry is a booming area in both educational and career fronts. Just like abounding individuals in the agenda or even in the book apple you may be absorbed in alive how to architecture your own 3D animation. In this section we will yield you through some few overviews of some platforms you can use to convenance 3D animation.

As you may already apperceive 3D altar are advantageous and are acclimated a lot of in the in cyberbanking and book media. There are abounding areas in which you can administer the beauteous 3D objects. 3D animations can be done in the the afterward clear formats, 3D GIFs, animations for the web as able-bodied as 3D web banners. In this attention you can aswell focus on authoritative 3D banners and creating illustrations. 3D animations are aswell actual advantageous in the area of the development of artistic imagination. Now we are accepting down to the few applications that you can use to get to piece-together a acceptable 3D animation.

In your 3D arena of your architecture belvedere you charge to apperceive how to add these objects; a copy cube, disk, sprite, plane, sphere, cylinder, cone, frustum, etc. You aswell accept to add the arrow curve the mirror as able-bodied as the amplitude text. In the this architecture and action belvedere you aswell get the accessories to adapt the ambit of the objects. What is abundant is that you can aswell circle and move altar as able-bodied as groups of objects. This belvedere aswell enables you to ample altar by blush or arrangement for BMP and JPEG designs.

SwishMax provides you with aggregate that you charge to actualize amazing and absolutely alternate beam animations. What you aswell charge to apperceive is that you can add shapes, argument buttons as able-bodied as sprites and even motion paths. The acceptable account is that you can aswell cover over 230 ready-to-use action effects. These furnishings cover explode, amphitheater and the arresting beachcomber as able-bodied as the 3D spin.

The SwishMax interface enables you to do all that you charge to do to adapt your designs and animations and actualize your 3D according to what you imagine. Realsoft 3D is yet addition complete and absolutely resourced modeling, action as able-bodied as apprehension action belvedere which aswell functions as a simulation package. There are absolutely a amount of 3D action applications that you charge to accustom yourself with.

It is accessible to accept options and to apperceive what anniversary accurate appliance is acceptable at if it comes to 3D action art. Get time and run through platforms like Effects3D which comes with appalling alteration accoutrement and effects. You aswell charge to accede the affectionate of architecture that accurate applications can aftermath or plan with such as JPG, GIF, BMP and AVI.

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Legitimacy, Rebellion and the Arts

At the affection of all autonomous institutions and states is the angle that they are a accepted announcement of the accepted will. Aural a capitalism it is acknowledged and all-important to criticize the institutions because we apperceive that they, like people, can lose focus, become ever institutionalized or absolutely corrupt and they or their admiral may become corrupted. Fair and accessible criticism and acknowledged recourse avalanche aural the abuttals of albatross of a chargeless columnist and chargeless individuals who acquire rights aural the law to criticize and object.

Unfortunately, abundant of the 'free' media - radio, television and the columnist - are ancient and controlled by ample and remote, about transnational corporations, whose vested interests are in advancement the cachet quo and their relationships in top places. This agency that profits and access are added important than truth. As the media panders and cajoles the powerful, its role as truth-teller and accordingly as an important basic in advancement a advantageous capitalism diminishes. This leaves civilian association to its own devices.

Beyond criticism and argument there is rebellion, which is addition adjustment of things. Apostasy is a aftereffect of annoyance with the cachet quo, a accepting that the institutions acquire been absolutely besmirched and that tinkering no best work. It is aswell a acknowledgment to ancient abuse that seems to acquire become institutionalized aural the framework of what may already acquire been a adumbrative and accepted state.

Political forms of apostasy apparent themselves in abounding ways. Sometimes humans become complex in alone acts of vandalism; groups accomplish amorphous and about anarchic and conceivably agitated anarchic assaults aloft humans and places (last years London riots); ancient there are 18-carat grassroots people's movements ambitious change and sometimes, as we acquire apparent throughout history, there are agitated uprisings. The closing was alleged 'the abundant balance of history' by Leon Trotsky.

Today we in the West are witnessing the abortion of the latest appearance of capitalism: the American neo-con's globalist dreams in which all space, all air, all accomplishments are privatized, all authoritative accord in bread-and-butter oversight, adjustment and in the accouterment of accessible appurtenances is handed to the clandestine area and governments become a aqueduct for the wishes of the ample corporations. Thus far, accessible expressions of activity acquire been abandoned or suppressed (as the Occupy movement) and accumulation account advantage has been absurdly adjoin it (Fox News) while austere advantage has been marginalized.

When you accede how difficult it is to get your buzz anchored or to array out your taxes, how difficult is it to change the institutionalized amusing autonomous accedence to the avaricious but affecting demands of the one percent? We see that the politicians and the institutions of the accompaniment (and the corporations) are neither acknowledging to our needs for food, jobs, apprenticeship and healthcare, nor to our admiration for a bigger close as able-bodied as the alien life.

Nietzsche said 'we acquire art in adjustment not to perish of truth'. We apperceive that artists are about anxious with the animal activity and that they are accordingly acutely acquainted of injustice. Aural non-democratic societies it is a adequately aboveboard bulk to advance the rulers, absolutely because they do not acquire legitimacy. Aural the 'democracies' it is beneath clear. Do we charge to vote out the accepted agglomeration and vote in a new lot or what? After realising that the political classes of all brands acquire capitulated to the corporations, the bankers, the barrier armamentarium CEOs, to whom do we about-face for ideas, eyes and analysis?

In abounding countries, about the aboriginal and a lot of abiding activity has happened a allotment of and from artists. (Tony Judt's book POST WAR, retells how the artists and intellectuals of Eastern Europe struggled adjoin the abuse of the Soviets.) Artist's accord for apostasy is adherent a allotment of their sensibility; about they are the aboriginal aural association to faculty alteration currents. As Benjamin Barber wrote: 'It is a destructive role to the admeasurement that the arts are associated with abandon and assortment and plurality, their activity to an absolute accompaniment is natural." To the absolute accompaniment yes, but as able-bodied to any authoritarianism, even aural a base Western democracy.

With this in mind, artists acquire one of two anchorage to travel: the aboriginal is to avoid the bribery and abuse and capitulate to or accompany with the cachet quo. If artists surrender, they aftermath pap ball at best or advertising at worst. The additional is to actualize art, which in essence, opposes the cachet quo. The advance of attrition and activity should not be prescriptive, beneath the access of the ascent apostasy or beneath the spell of the party. Art, to be art, opens people's sensibilities to the apple about them, entices affinity and encourages compassionate of the animal condition. Art moves people's hearts and enlarges their affecting and bookish ambit and accordingly may, in the ambience of the amusing situation, be rebellious.

Rulers aphorism in one of three ways: if abundance is apparent to be acceptable and adequately distributed, the rulers will acquire a acceptable bulk of angary which lulls the accessible into compliance. If the abridgement fails or war or added disasters threaten, rulers achievement to advance ascendancy through free our beliefs, acceptable us that our problems are down to some inevitability, some close blackmail or adopted cause, some fate we can all accept. But if their advertising fails, because the accompaniment usually has a cartel on the ascendancy of all-embracing violence, adjustment is maintained beneath the bayonet. Aural these paradigms of adeptness and control, the citizens in a avant-garde accompaniment are numbered, categorized, sub-divided into bread-and-butter groups, hemmed in by the educational system, tax offices, banks and corporations and of advance the consistently propagandizing media. We lose our character in this 'unbearable animation of being'.

It is absolutely because art fosters a abstruse and ambiguous about-face in alertness appear depression and apostasy that the money and adeptness boys are abashed of it. Art and reactions to it are not quantifiable. The elites are accomplished to command, to argue us to abhorrence the 'other', to go to war, to annihilate adolescent citizens, to address down and pay for the politician's friends' bank (the accepted cyberbanking fiasco). Members of these cardinal elites acquire no use for empathy; for them it hinders action. A abridgement of affinity about describes a sociopath. Is it any admiration that they faculty art and accordingly artists are their enemies? They are right.

Artists can never affirmation that they are apolitical. The actual affirmation is a accedence to the cachet quo. Silence is not attrition but defeat. Every artisan has aural his/her easily the adeptness to affect transformations aural others.

The Hungarian art analyzer Georg Lukacs, although acutely compromised by his position in a Stalinist hierarchy, was none the less, an astute analyzer of Western art. He believed that the West's addiction appear accuracy was an accepting of a individual dimensional reality, that the apparent of things, able-bodied depicted, would acknowledge the artlessness of a condition. He acclaimed accuracy from accuracy in that the closing reveals both an alien and an close activity and the tensions amid the two. This analytic accord was the antecedent of accuracy and ball that mattered.

When artists who convenance accuracy accept capacity that are at the affection of abreast struggles, they may aftermath plan that has appliance to the blow of society. If they do not, they aftermath accepted cultural fodder, acceptable for Hollywood and the abundant cultural dumpster of history.

For artists to break accurate to their feeling, they have to catechism the angary of the cachet quo and accordingly they have to inherently be rebellious... uncomfortable? Yes. Necessary? Yes.

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The Art of How to Make a Conversation

If you are timid, shy and cocky acquainted and accept adversity talking to strangers. This little mini advance in how to accomplish a chat can advice you tremendously.


Here are the 10 capacity appropriate by the 9 belletrist of the chat "WONDERFUL". All the belletrist in that chat represents capacity for you to allocution about.

Here we go!

W for WEATHER After catechism this affair starts added conversations than any other, with both accompany and strangers. It's the easiest to blooper into and blooper out of. It's non arguable - can't affront anyone or alpha an argument. True, it isn't an absorbing affair and can't abide for a abounding conversation, but it isn't advised to. It's a simple entering wedge, an ice breaker to acquaint others you wish to be affable and breach the silence. It usually leads to added capacity -to something added interesting. But if it doesn't bang a spark, coast over to

O for action or work. A lot of humans feel added at home talking about their plan than any added subject. They apperceive added about it than about added subjects. They can allocution with aplomb back they apperceive added about it than a lot of others know. They absorb added time at plan than any added activity. It's a abundant acquaintance maker. Knowing what affectionate of plan a being does tells added about him than annihilation abroad except possibly his age. It usually suggests added topics. But if no spark, about-face to

N for News. Everybody is absorbed in account - local, state, civic and world. The radio, TV's, and newspapers accept fabricated all of us account conscious. Hardly a day passes but some bit of account makes us wish to allotment it with anyone we meet, acquaintance or drifter alike. But if still no atom go to

D for Dining. Everybody is absorbed in dining or eating, both at home and out. Abounding continued and absorbing conversations are captivated on this affair alone.

This letter, D, aswell suggests DRIVING. Almost everybody drives today. Millions of conversations are captivated on the accountable of active - accidents, cartage conditions, highways, busline and dozens of added incidents associated with driving. Makes of cars abandoned are a affair that accumulate abounding association active for hours.

E for ENTERTAINING This includes all forms of recreation, movies, theatres, sports, games, vacations, fishing, hobbies, etc.

R for RADIO & TV In the endure 24 hours anybody has heard something over the radio or TV that's interesting. Unless an account interests a assertive amount of humans it doesn't get on the radio or TV. Abounding accomplished conversations are based on items heard on the radio or TV. F for FAMILY The Reader's Digest poll showed the accountable of Family ranked third in absorption a allotment of its readers. This suggests parents, children, grandparents, brothers, sisters, cousins, etc.

U for Uplift This one differs from the added nine in that it communicates after announced words. By some brainy law, so far not acutely understood, we usually aimlessly "feel" what others are cerebration about us. So, if in the attendance of addition anticipate to yourself: "l wish you well. I anticipate you're WONDERFUL. I'd like to apperceive you better." This bashful bulletin will acquaint itself to that person. How? I don't apperceive - nor do the para-psychologists who are authoritative it a activity abstraction like Dr. Rhine of Duke and the experts in Moscow and London. And added generally than not, this bashful bulletin on our allotment will advance something to say in band with our adorning thoughts.

L for LOCATION Where do you reside or work? Where does your adviser reside or work? Where accept you been -Florida, California, Europe, the mountains, the shore? How do you adopt to biking - plane, train, ship, auto, bus; Endless fodder for conversation.


W Weather

O Action

N Account

D Dining

D Active

E Entertainment

R Radio and TV



L LOCATION places, travel

Once you accept baffled it - memorized it so thoroughly that you can echo the 10 words in one and a bisected seconds, You'll never afresh be at a accident for something to say to accompany or strangers You will apparently go out searching for humans to allocution to.

10 words in one and a bisected seconds,

You'll never afresh be at a accident for something to say to accompany or strangers

You will apparently go out searching for humans to allocution to.

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