Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Benefits of Using Needle Control Valves

Needle control valves (or control nozzles) are basically small sized valves, which are used in gas or liquid services. As these types of valves have a fine-threading stem, the large seat area will help you in a precise resistance flow. There are different types of needle valves available in the market. These nozzles vary in their size, functions, shapes etc. Therefore, before you are opting for a valve, it is very important to consider its usage. Most of the needle control nozzles available in the market have a tapered, slende at the end. There is also an option for you to lower the stem for restricting or blocking the flow of the fluid.

Needle valves are basically used for regulating the flow of the gages and liquids at a low rate. The large seat area and the fine threading stem of these valves will help you in a precise resistance to flow. These types of valve designs are also used for controlling the flow of the fluid into delicate gauges that could be damaged by the sudden surges of the fluid, which will be in high pressure. Hydraulic control nozzles are also best option for working under high pressure conditions.

With the help of needle nozzles and hydraulic nozzles, you also have an option to bring the flow to a halt. You can also some type of precise adjustments in these valves for maintaining the flow of the fluid. There are also needle valves and hydraulic valves, which are obtainable for controlling the flow of the water. If you are looking for water control valves, you will also come across automatic control valves, which will do the complete tasks automatically. Moreover, most of these valves do not require any type of extra power source for operating.

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