Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Military Veterans Who Abuse The System

I have become so frustrated with the system which advocates for military veterans. I work in the military veteran community viewing people who work there who do not care about military veterans. One would think this is enough to get frustrated, but there is more. What's even more frustrating is viewing the military veterans who abuse the precise system which abuses them.

There are military veterans who abuse the system. This is performed with not caring how many other veterans actually need the support as well as services provided, due to military veterans abusing the system, this creates a backlog which holds up aid to military veterans who are in dire need of help. What I speak of in this case are military veterans who are constantly in and out of the drug and alcohol rehab programs. I do believe that people can suffer relapses, but when I continually view veterans entering and exiting out of drug rehab sponsored by the "Veteran Affairs", this tells me that they are not serious about actually escaping drug and alcohol abuse. These veterans are only concerned with having a place to go as well as a roof over their head when they hit rock bottom.

This is of course compiled with "VA Employees" who do not genuinely care about aiding veterans and is simply there drawing a government paycheck as well as benefits. I believe that our country cannot actually care about the veteran community until veterans as a whole start caring about themselves. I am not stating that the majority of veterans are lazy bums nor am I stating that majority wise they do not care, but there is that minority that screws everything up for the "good" ones. I believe military veterans are extremely moralistic, proud people, whether they are male or female. Most military veterans do not want to use the "Veteran Affairs Medical Center", but they do not have a choice. Veterans do what they have to do, in receiving medical care. It's the lowlife's that exist in all groups of people who continually abuse systems who should be ashamed of themselves, but then again, when one is tweaked out on drugs or alcohol or both, caring is not a priority.

Something else that makes me see "red", is while these "bums" are blatantly abusing the system, they will be the first ones to stand on self-made soapboxes and scream "I'm a veteran and YOU owe me"! I have news for these bums; I personally do not owe them anything. I believe that where our country should be grateful and treat veterans better, one only deserves respect, and honor from our civilian population only when we act in a way which deserves respect and honor. We veterans should conduct ourselves to a higher standard, reason why? We have represented our country and to decrease ourselves to demeaning behavior as well as becoming career criminals, or drug addicts as well as abusers of alcohol is an insult to the service most speak so highly of. Do I not realize that life is painful sometimes and people in general screw up? Of course, this happens, but where is the line drawn on obtaining the knowledge that one has to adjust their lives out and stop believing that you are excused for this behavior on the sole reason that you are a military veteran.

Our country does owe veterans a lot. Do we get what we deserve? Of course, not, this is even more reason to not abuse the system. Veterans are dealing with a system that is severely backlogged as well as uncaring. One should understand the "Veteran Affairs" is not an advocacy group; they are a Federal Entity which has been deemed by "Congress" to administer affairs for our military veterans. All funds allotted to the "Veteran Affairs" is channeled directly from Congress, therefore, veterans need to understand that sometimes certain monies are not available due to budget cuts. This should be a wakeup call for veterans in knowing that sometimes veterans do not get the help they need due to specific slots not being open in programs, which is due to veterans abusing the system.

I say we need to weed out these bums and start placing limitations on their many returns to our drug and alcohol rehabs within the "Veteran Affairs Medical Centers". When a veteran is discharged clean and sober, they should have to stay away for at least a year. If they try to get high or start abusing alcohol once again, force them to go to the local rehabs and forced them to pay out of their own pockets, this might be a wakeup call for these people.

I'm tired of viewing people who are not abusers of the system being turned away, simply because they do not know the ins/outs of the system. Let's hope the "Veteran Affairs" wises up to this crisis soon, especially in knowing of the huge wave of veterans coming back from the current war. Room has to be made for these kids coming back, they need our help, and I personally do not want to see them turned away because someone is spending their fifth visit in the drug/alcohol rehab center in two years, it's not OK, it's not realistic. If you want to be a proud veteran, lead the life one can be proud of, do not scream everyone owes you. Our country has proved how they owe us nothing, life itself owes us nothing, but we on the other hand, owe everything to life. I wish more veterans would contemplate the meaning of honor and respect as well as pride, if they did, they would not be the bums which exploit the precise system which abuses them.

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