Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Long Beach Island Vacation Rentals

Long Beach Island, New Jersey is an 18-mile strip of stunning sandy beaches where you can swim, sunbathe, surf, and simply play to your heart's content. While the beaches are always the main attraction, hidden gems and quaint little secrets can also be on your itinerary when you live like a local by renting a cozy Long Island Beach vacation rental for your family getaway.

The sandy shores of Long Beach Island can easily pull you towards their banks, requesting your attention day and night. However, to truly experience this lovely barrier island, it is imperative that you integrate yourself into the community and enjoy the local secrets for a getaway to remember. Rather than a cold silence that overwhelms in the larger, mainland cities, you will find a friendly, down-home feel as you stroll the streets and listen to the talk of the exciting upcoming events. By pulling your head out of the sand, you can come to know the true Long Beach Island and all that it has to offer its locals and visitors.

One of the best ways to push off the vacation title and truly discover your destination is by staying in a vacation rental that is just steps away from a knowledgeable local who can guide you on your trails. Long Beach Island vacation rentals are located in occupied and bustling neighborhoods where both visitors and year-round occupants commune so you can come to know the finest seafood restaurants in Barnegat Light or the best boutiques in Beach Haven. Forget about floating aimlessly around the island, and come to know its finest qualities from someone who simply refuses to leave its bountiful beauty by cozying up in a vacation home rental.

After utilizing your insider information and exploring the real Long Beach Island, a day at the beach is certainly in order. Although the numerous fishing, sailboarding, swimming, and sunbathing opportunities of the water are just a stone's throw away from many Long Beach Island rentals, you will have to decide before your vacation if you want to look out at the ocean or the bay from your balcony and wall-to-wall windows. The choice is simply a matter of personal preference, but do not worry too much since the island is only a half-mile at its widest point, meaning oceanfront and bayfront adventures are always within sight.

In addition to the convenient waterfront excitement that you experience from Long Beach Island vacation rentals, you also have access to spectacular views and relaxing sounds every moment you are inside your home away from home. Breakfast on the deck is anything but ordinary as the birds flock overhead and the waves crash ashore, while the evenings are bound to be memorable in the hot tub as you listen to the peaceful quiet of a watery expanse and soak in the starry skies. Everything about your beachfront lodging screams rest and relaxation, so take advantage of your time in this serene setting by utilizing all of the amenities that are included with your accommodations.

Long Beach Island is a vacation destination that is meant to be savored, not simply passed through with a "been there, done that" attitude. Slow down the pace of your getaway by staying in a vacation rental that welcomes you home after a long summer day with amenities such as a washer and dryer, wireless internet, spacious rooms, plenty of bathrooms, and a kitchen that would make a gourmet chef proud. To experience local living every step of the way and understand what has the year-round occupants so enamored, book your Long Island house rental today.

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