Monday, March 25, 2013

Understanding Moderate to Severe Acne

The body part you greet the world with is your face. Whether it's friendly or haughty, open or detached, it will still lose much of its charm if it's plagued with acne. And from the point of view of the one suffering from it, any acne is severe acne. But in truth, dermatologists grade acne depending on its severity. Its classifications include mild, moderate, and severe acne. Mild acne is nothing to worry about. Almost everyone experiences it from time to time. In the case of mild acne, you usually only have to wait for it to subside. Mild acne is an annoyance, nothing else. It's moderate to severe acne that you have to worry about.

Moderate Acne

When a person has red lesions and comedones or pustules that amount to more than 36, then your case of acne will be classified as moderate. A comedone or a pustule can be considered red or inflamed if they are still visible 2.5 meters away. Those of the adolescent age group are most prone to this type of acne. However, moderate acne is also seen in older people and children, just rarely.

Severe Acne

This type of acne, on the other hand, can be diagnosed when the pustules and comedones cover most of the face. Severe acne is characterized by large pustules and, in most cases, intense pain. This is exactly the type of acne that has severe ramifications that usually last a lifetime. Teens who have this type of acne often have low self esteem and, in more severe cases, depression. A main concern for this type of acne is the scarring left behind by the outbreaks. Some people may carry the scars of a severe acne outbreak from their adolescence long into adulthood. In fact, some sufferers of severe acne still have it even though they are already adults and have long since left their adolescent years behind.

Treatment for Mild to Moderate Acne

The treatment for mild to moderate acne usually depends on the severity. Moderate acne can be treated with home remedies. But acne that's on the more severe side of the spectrum can be treated with procedures such as comedo extraction or light therapy. Prescription medications such as topical and oral antibiotics may also work for the severe cases. There are also some oral over the counter medications like creams and lotions that work well in treating acne.

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