Monday, March 25, 2013

Scotty Cameron Putters 62 Product Review

Finding for the right putter is never easy. There are so many putters available in the market today but not all of them are right for you. For years, Scotty Cameron Putter is known for creating great, quality and high performance putters, no wonder they were one of the most sought putter. One of the best putters from Scotty Cameron is the Scotty Cameron circa 62. This putter is inspired by the classic and crafted from performance. This equipment has gone through so many upgrades to come up with an all new brand model. It is rust resistant and is virtually maintenance free.

Scotty Cameron Putters 62 helps every golfer gain confidence because of its superior performance feature. In this putter, tradition and innovation blends as one. Actually, this putter has already gained so many positive feedbacks, feel, plus with great look. In my own experience, with so many expensive putters I have tried, this is the best. Its milled carbon steel gives you a wonderful feeling and satisfaction in every putt. It has a superb balance and alignment that really works than the other forms. Indeed, Scotty Cameron is really reliable and provides sense of confidence to their customers. Circa 62 also provides distance control.

The Circa 62 is a distinctive mallet model which is very interesting. In pointing to the address, its tiny white sight circle stands out on the top of the putter just right behind the sweet spot. It has no complicated lines and shapes. Scotty Cameron Circa 62 also has a very sleek design that everyone will surely love. When it comes to grip, it has a soft leather grip. This leather grip is hand stitched, stitching runs down to the bottom of the grip. Leather grip serves as a raised reminder area. It is classic looking yet modern. As mentioned, it is high performance and inspire with confidence.

In fact, Scotty Cameron Putter Circa 62 represents and embody the best of classic generation putter. It features a precision milled from soft carbon steel with a gun with blued finish. Classic blued finish is consistent with craftsmanship and aesthetic. The leather grip being mentioned earlier also provides unmatched feedback and feel and allows the ball rolling with confidence. With this putter, you will surely get what you have pay for and you will surely get a lovely feeling in every putt. It is fantastic in fast greens. It is very pleasing to the eye and is very well balanced.

With our economic situation, it is hard to spend our money just like that. It is even hard to just throw your money away with not so reliable putter. But with Circa 62, your money is really worth it. It stands out on green. Buy one and you'll surely be satisfied for years. This putter will surely give you a tremendous feeling. In my own experience, this is a very well balanced putter and is really right for me. The length and loft seem to be perfect. Actually, this is my first putter and it really works.

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