Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Standard Running Track Size

At the Olympics, track takes center stage. After seeing the events, you may have wondered what is the standard running track size. The size of the track actually depends on which track season it is.

Two Seasons

There are two seasons for track: indoor and outdoor. Indoor track season usually is run during the winter. Outdoor track season is usually run during the spring. Indoor track meets are usually similar to outdoor track meets, with some exceptions. These exceptions include that indoor track meets do not have the 100 meter sprint, and instead will have a 60 meter sprint (some indoor meets will have a 55 meter sprint). Outdoor track is traditionally the more popular track season.

Track Size for Outdoor Track

The standard running track size for outdoor track is 400 meters. This length is also approximately a quarter of a mile. The track is in an oval shape. Today, tracks have a rubber surface; whereas, older tracks are usually cinder covered. The inner field of the track usually has natural grass or an artificial surface. The inner field can be used for field events. Often, the inner field is also used as a football or soccer field.

You can find outdoor tracks all over. From colleges to high schools, to professional sport fields, outdoor tracks can be found. The number of lanes in an outdoor track depends on what level the track is used for. Outdoor tracks at smaller high schools may have six lanes; whereas, tracks used at the Olympics and other high level track events often have nine lanes.

Track Size for Indoor Track

The standard running track size for indoor track is 200 meters, half the size of an outdoor track. However, although the standard size is 200 meters, some indoor tracks are 150 meters and others are 120 meters. Additionally, some indoor track meets will take place on tracks over 200 meters, however, because the track size is more than 200 meters, no official records can be set on these larger indoor tracks. In indoor track meets, the field events only include high jump, long jump, pole vault, triple jump, and shot put. These events will take place within the circumference of the track.

The longest running event that takes place on an indoor track is 5,000 meters. The 3,000 meter race is also commonly run at the collegiate level.

Learn More About Track

Now that you are familiar with the standard running track size for both indoor and outdoor track meets, you should look into learning more about track and field. Track and field is one of the oldest athletic events in the world and continues to have a strong following today. You can find track meets at local high schools or colleges. Also, you can find where elite track meets will be held to see some of the best track and field athletes in action. You may even find yourself with a desire to take up track and field yourself. Track and field can be a great way to get in shape and have some fun in the process.

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