Monday, March 25, 2013

Is Potty Scotty the Best Way to Potty Train a Boy?

Potty Scotty Takes The Stress Out Of Potty Training
Potty training is a tough time for both parents and children. As parents may become frustrated that their potty training methods are ineffective with their boys, the boys themselves become frustrated that they are unable to please their parents and free themselves from diapers. It's a vicious cycle of diapers, accidents and "uh-ohs."

But there may be hope for the potty training brigade. A method hailed as both revolutionary and innovative, the Potty Scotty Potty Training in One Day program can train your boy to use the potty in one day and at a maximum, 2 weeks!

The Potty Scotty Doll
Through a combination of positive reinforcement and the "teach to learn" approach, your toddler works with his buddy Potty Scotty to ditch the diapers and use the potty in his quest to be a big boy. Allowing your toddler to teach his favorite potty pal to use the toilet gives him the confidence and the reassurance that he can too.

Potty Scotty Packages
The Potty Scotty program has everything you need to potty train your child. From Scotty training pants, a comfortable training seat, the Potty Scotty doll and a highly informative book and DVD for you, this program makes potty training an easy feat.

What other program out there can supply you with all of the potty training necessities as well as a simple, fun and incredibly effective method? For any parent out there who is the slightest bit intimidated by potty training, the Potty Scotty Potty Training in One Day program is the way to go.

The 3 Step Potty Training In One Day Method
The three step method is designed to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible for both the parent and the child. The first stage is the preparation and planning stage. Parents can read a helpful how-to guide to determine if their child is ready for his "Big Day."

The second step is the momentous occasion (the "Big Day") when your toddler frees himself of diapers and conquers the potty. Here the child is potty trained by allowing him to potty train his Potty Scotty doll. Through positive reinforcement, experience and acknowledgment of the consequences of having an accident, your child becomes potty trained in record time!

The third and final step is the follow up stage where accidents are dealt with. You and your child clean up the accident and you once again reinforce the idea of using the potty when needed. Repetition becomes a key component here. 

Potty Training In One Day has been featured in both Parents Magazine and Dr. Phil as bona fide potty training methods. Parents everywhere can attest to the brilliance of using Potty Scotty and the Potty Training in One Day guide. With the Potty Scotty doll and the guide, you and your child will have all the help you need to be diaper-free!

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